Dear Friends, It seems building our new home has a life of it's own... and does not necessarily follow my schedule! I had hoped to reopen my online shop on January 1st, but will have to delay. 

Please check back on SPRING EQUINOX 2020 ~ March 20th. My vision is to be setup in my new studio and open for online biz!

The one artgift still available for sale is our Rainbow Warrior Awaken! Deck

Also, original paintings in my gallery (that are not already sold) remain available for purchase. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have -

With rainbow blessing for the new year and deep appreciation for your support of my work... warmly, Mara



Where we live

Is no place to lose your wings

So love, love.


- Hafiz
translated by Daniel Ladinsky ©1999 The Gift

No one
Could ever paint
A too wonderful
Of my heart
Or God

translated by Daniel Ladinsky ©1999 The Gift
listen..she will teach..
Where is the door to God?

In the sound of a barking dog,

In the ring of a hammer,

In a drop of rain,

In the face of


I see.

translated by Daniel Ladinsky ©1999 The Gift

listen..she will teach.. copy

Your eye is so wise

It keeps turning, turning

Needing to touch


It keeps turning,

Needing to find a mirror

That will caress you

As I.

translated by Daniel Ladinsky ©1999 The Gift

listen..she will teach.. copy copy

And love



"I will,

I will take care of you,"


To everything that is


translated by Daniel Ladinsky ©1999 The Gift

listen..she will teach.. copy copy copy

Welcome Friends

Welcome Friends

May you delight in these sweet nectars of Beauty... art, poetry, visions and more. My heart smiles with gratitude for the precious support I receive that makes it possible for me to walk the path of artist-dreamer. I welcome your questions and comments. warmly, Mara


new year haiku of hope for our grieving country

starlight waterfalls
over our parched souls and we 

are reawakened

10/29/18 Jasper Oregon
Dear Friends, my heart is heavy with the suffering our county is experiencing at this tumultuous time in our history. We are called to dig deep and reach high... called to strengthen ourselves so we can withstand the tsunami of change upon us. I find the challenge to become my most magnificent Self to be a moment by moment practice of compassionate devotion. My heart knows that the time of the Rainbow Warrior Awakening is NOW and we truly are the ones we have been waiting for.

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'Giclee Jewels'... affordable, Beautiful, framed fine art prints of my original paintings. Wonderful gifts for your beloveds.


TreeSisters is a radiant global network of women devoted to the restoration of our beloved planet. New Moon Visions is delighted to make a monthly donation to this wonderful organization. The trees planted from this donation help heal our Mother Earth and allow HER to breathe more deeply... your purchase directly contributes to the CIRCLE of LIFE. Click on the link above to find out more and be inspired with HOPE!

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Fall SALE! Rainbow Warrior Awaken! Deck
Fall SALE! Rainbow Warrior Awaken! Deck

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