Warm greetings friend. The arrival of covid19 has changed everything as we know it.
Individually and collectively, we hold uncertainty as to how this transition into birthing new patterns will unfold. 
This instability is filled with many emotions... curiosity, despair, wonder, anger, hope, grief, fear, Love. 
May we honor ALL our feelings as they arise with tender acceptance and compassion.

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After 26 years in business, I have decided to bring the ARTGIFT branch of New Moon Visions to a close.
This will be a SLOW transition... likely over several years. 

Most of my ARTGIFTS are now offered at very low prices.
All orders recieve the following FREE GIFTS of appreciation (or more)!
6 assorted cards - 3 chakra posters - 11 bookmarks



Where we live

Is no place to lose your wings

So love, love.


- Hafiz
translated by Daniel Ladinsky 1999 The Gift

No one
Could ever paint
A too wonderful
Of my heart
Or God

translated by Daniel Ladinsky 1999 The Gift
listen..she will teach..
Where is the door to God?

In the sound of a barking dog,

In the ring of a hammer,

In a drop of rain,

In the face of


I see.

translated by Daniel Ladinsky 1999 The Gift

listen..she will teach.. copy

Your eye is so wise

It keeps turning, turning

Needing to touch


It keeps turning,

Needing to find a mirror

That will caress you

As I.

translated by Daniel Ladinsky 1999 The Gift

listen..she will teach.. copy copy

And love



"I will,

I will take care of you,"


To everything that is


translated by Daniel Ladinsky 1999 The Gift

listen..she will teach.. copy copy copy

Welcome Friends

Welcome Friends

May you delight in these sweet nectars of Beauty... art, poetry, visions and more. My heart smiles with gratitude for the precious support I receive that makes it possible for me to walk the path of artist-dreamer. I welcome your questions and comments. with love and prayers of protection, Mara

sharing a haiku that came to me just before everything changed... 

it's time! tend to HER
lead with Love and Remember
time to surrender

march 2020

What's New

New Paintings!

Click this link to my April Newsletter to see and learn about my recent artworks.  https://conta.cc/2WeCWAC

NEW Drawings & Writings

Sharing recent works inspired by these covidtimes. Drawings to print and color!


TreeSisters is a radiant global network of women devoted to the restoration of our beloved planet. New Moon Visions is delighted to make a monthly donation to this wonderful organization. The trees planted from this donation help heal our Mother Earth and allow HER to breathe more deeply... your purchase directly contributes to the CIRCLE of LIFE. Click on the link above to find out more and be inspired with HOPE!

Featured Painting

Sharing a recent painting inspired by my new California home by the sea.

Oh Beloved Whale Kin Mara Friedman 2020

Monthly Artgift Specials

In appreciation of your support...
In appreciation of your support...

ALL orders receive the following FREE artgifts (or more!)...

3 chakra posters

6 assorted cards

11 assorted bookmarks